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Child Care Center


Childs Artwork

The Cuyamaca Child Development Center (CCDC) philosophy is built on a partnership of children, families, and staff, with respect and value for each participant. Together we create a caring and nurturing environment to foster the children's self-esteem, competence, cooperation, and life-long love of learning.

We collaborate to integrate the widest spectrum of best teaching practices and curriculum. We provide an inclusive environment which embraces and frames the unique qualities of each child. Teachers observe and support children's individual learning styles in early literacy development, artChilds Artwork, science, math, music, social, and motor skills.

The CCDC serves as a critical component of Cuyamaca College Child Development academic program and thus is committed to its role as a dynamic and evolving model teaching facility. As professionals we have an ongoing commitment to incorporate proven child development theories and the best of emerging research in brain development and early experiences.

"Families, children, and teachers working together to create an environment for Exploration, Education, and Enrichment!"

Last Updated: 03/03/2015
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