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Teaching Online
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Other Libraries

Self Portraits
  • To make the class more personal and similar to a F2F class, have students post pictures of themselves within Bb. However, this does eliminate the inherent equality of online (race, gender, age, attractiveness are invisible). One could make this optional.
  • Have students post audio or video clip introductions (if they have the hardware and expertise)
  • Many younger students already have social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook) with their pictures, biographies, accomplishments, life stories already available, so suggest links (see Web 2.0)
Role Play
  • Assume the role of a famous person in your area (Freud, Lincoln, Einstein) and have students ask you questions in the Dbs
  • Have students take on the role of people with opposing positions - then use a Db thread for debates



  • These are animated, graphic, cartoon representations of the user (with mouth-animated narration)
  • Frequently used in computer gaming, avatars can also be used to represent instructor or student in online classes
  • For programs allowing avatar creation and integration, see the sidebar
Surveys, Polls
  • Use Bb "Survey Manager" in the Control Panel and discuss the results
Lectures in Db
  • Put your lectures or presentations within Db threads (using attachments) and use that as the center of the course
  • Present outlines of the material with graphics
  • Give cognitive/concept maps with nodes and links
  • Use diagrams and flowcharts (see the sidebar in Organization)
Last Updated: 06/13/2018

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Make your own avatars for narrations.
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